The Vaisala Continuous Monitoring System

The Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System features the viewLinc Enterprise Server software and monitoring devices that provide alarming, real-time trends, and customizable reporting. Ideal for both light and heavy industrial environments, as well as GxP-regulated applications, the system integrates a wide selection of Vaisala data loggers, transmitters and connectivity options to monitor temperature, relative humidity, dew point temperature, CO2, differential pressure, door switches, and more.

The system scales easily—from one or two measurement points to thousands of monitored areas. With nine language versions the software is ideal for multi-site use and global monitoring. The viewLinc Enterprise Server makes it easy to network data loggers via any combination of connectivity options, including: Ethernet, PoE, Wi-Fi, and Vaisala’s proprietary wireless technology: VaiNet. Watch the system overview video here.

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