Handheld Spectrophotometer – Photopette Cell

The Photopette® Cell UV-Vis handheld spectrophotometer is an easy to use device dedicated for measurements at 340 nm, 570 nm and 600 nm wavelengths. This handheld spectrophotometer device supports a wide range of applications. For example, Bradford protein assays, mammalian cell/spirulina/yeast and E.coli cell density, determination of lactate or ethanol or other enzymatic assays based on the NADH/NAD system. The Handheld spectrophotometer system is designed for a sampling free workflow, thus increases efficiency and decreases the risk of cross-contamination. Apex Scientific are distributors of handheld spectrophotometers and Tip Biosystems products in South Africa. Check out our You Tube channel for more product videos.

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