Download PDF version of this article here Measuring Protein Concentration Directly using Photopette® Bio Photopette® enables fast protein measurements directly at the bench.Protein samples can be directly measured at 280 nm without sample preparation and sample transfer. Objective: The objective of this application note is to demonstrate how the Photopette® Bio device can directly measure […]

DNA Concentration Measurement At 260 nm Using Photopette® Bio

Download this  Application Note as PDF File here: AN-LS-001 – DNA Concentration Measurement At 260 nm Using Photopette® Bio A. Lee, Acumen Research Laboratories Pte Ltd, Singapore and A. Jain, Tip Biosystems Pte Ltd, Singapore – Photopette Bio makes measurement of DNA concentration efficient.– Sample purity (A260/A280) could be measured concurrently Objective: The objective of this […]

Speed Up Your Covid-19 Cell Culture Research With Photopette

Download this  Application Note as PDF File here: AN018 – Photopette for COVID19 related Cell Culture Research Dr. Dieter Trau and Dr. Shihao Li, Tip Biosystems Pte Ltd, Singapore and E3A Healthcare Pte Ltd, Singapore – Photopette® will accelerate your cell culture work; perform cell counts and more within the cell culture hood in seconds.– By […]

Determination of olive oil purity

UV-Vis spectroscopy is widely used for verification of the purity of different types of olive oil samples. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which are essentially all long chain fatty acids. Various scientific works have shown that these fatty acids help in lowering cholesterol levels along with lowering heart diseases. The oxidation is […]

Density Meter Applications

A comprehensive quality assurance covering the entire production process is a must in any industrial sector. Density measurements are frequently used for this purpose, especially in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical as well as the food and beverage industry. They allow the manufacturer to analyse raw materials, semi-finished and finished products as well as the manufacturing […]

What is a Pipette Cone Filter?

Capp pipette cone filters are small pieces of Polyethylene (PE), designed to be inserted in the tip cone of a 1 and 5mL ecopipette and 5 or 10mL CappBravo pipette. They are available in bags of 25 or 50 pcs. Their hydrophobic structure with high density creates a perfect barrier for corrosive vapors and other contaminants. […]

Automation with Refractometers

Maximum efficiency and increased time savings through automation options With our refractometers DR6000-TF with integrated Peltier element, the entire measuring process can be carried out semi-automatically or fully automatically and without manual intervention, from sample supply through cleaning to drying. Due to automation, measurements can be user-independent and overnight or at the weekend. This increases […]

Tips on how to store your Micropipettes

Micropipettes are high precision instruments suitable for liquid transfers of volumes as small as 0.1µl, pipettes are quite vulnerable to improper pipette storage.  Horizontal pipette storage on the bench may cause the piston lubricant to cumulate on one side, or even drop of the piston, resulting in a heavy piston movement. Laying your pipette down […]

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