What is a Pipette Cone Filter?

Capp pipette cone filters are small pieces of Polyethylene (PE), designed to be inserted in the tip cone of a 1 and 5mL ecopipette and 5 or 10mL CappBravo pipette. They are available in bags of 25 or 50 pcs. Their hydrophobic structure with high density creates a perfect barrier for corrosive vapors and other contaminants.

Why use pipette cone filters

The purpose of using pipette cone filters is to protect the inner parts of the pipette from contamination or corrosion, resulting from pipetting of aggressive and vaporous liquids or accidental back splashes by pipetting. Pipette cone filters prolong the lifetime of the pipette and reduce the necessity of repairs. Taking the overall service and repair cost into consideration, the pipette cone filters are definitely a cost-effective solution.

Pipette cone filters scope of application

Capp pipette cone filters are suitable for all general applications. They are particularly recommended by applications in the field of molecular biology, cell culture, bacteriology and virology.

Pipette cone filters vs. pipette filter tips

Pipette cone filters can be used in all applications, where the use of pipette filter tips is recommended. Pipette cone filters can be considered an alternative to pipette filter tips, though they need to be changed more frequently. In general, it is not necessary to use both pipette cone filters and the pipette filter tips, though this can be an option in special cases.

How often do pipette cone filters need to be changed

The frequency of changing pipette cone filters depends on the application and the sample, being processed. The filters should be changed immediately, in case of contamination; otherwise, it is a common practice to change them with an interval of 50 – 200 pipettings.

Ordering information for pipette cone filters

C1000-1-FT Disposable filter for ecopipette 100-1000µl, bag w/ 50 pcs.
C5000-1-FT Disposable filter for ecopipette 1-5mL, bag w/ 25 pcs.
B510ML-1-FT Disposable filter for CappBravo 1-5mL and 1-10mL, bag w/ 25 pcs.

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