-150℃ Freezers

What are -150℃ Freezers?

-150℃ Freezers also known as Cryo freezers are designed for a wide variety of uses, such as research and long-term storage applications for low-temperature scientific experiments, preservation of cell cultures, bone material, DNA, bacteria etc.


Arctiko’s cryogenic freezers maintain -150°C at less than 34 kWh/24h which is a quite low energy consumption compared to similar products on the market. Furthermore, this secures lower operating cost which impacts positively to the overall cost budget.

Within research and preservation, security is pivotal. With Arctiko’s independent TRUE DUAL™ technology, your material is always secure. In the unlikely event that one cooling system should fail, the backup cooling system will maintain the freezer at -130°C. The result is superior cooling precision and uniformity.

For a long time, liquid nitrogen has been used for cryogenic storage though it is unsafe and requires more maintenance. Today, storage in mechanical cryogenic freezers has replaced cryogenic storage in LN2 , which avoids cross-contamination. Arctiko is your true cooling specialist and gives you a selection of cryogenic freezers which secures your samples in a safer way with less requirements for maintenance.

There are many benefits to choosing a cryogenic freezer from Arctiko.

  • Designed for long-term cryogenic preservation
  • A safer and more convenient alternative to LN2 cryotanks
  • With Arctiko’s TRUE DUAL ™ technology, samples are safe at all times
  • With less than 34 kWh/24h, the freezers have low energy consumption compared to similar products
  • High level of security with the optional LN2 backup system which protects the samples against power failures and unexpected problems
  • Immensely improved temperature uniformity compared to LN2 cryotanks
  • Deleted need for supply of LN2 and all the work and worries that follows
  • Reduced cost of ownership compared with the LN2 cryotanks
  • Avoid potential cross-contamination that may occur with improperly stored samples

Information Required to quote on a -150 Freezer

  1. What size do you require?
  2. Do you require racks?
  3. If you require racks please advise what size cryo boxes you will be using?
  4. Do you require cryoboxes?
  5. Do you require LN2 back-up?