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Ductless Fume Hoods

Esco Ascent Ductless Fume Hoods (portable fume hood, ductless fume cabinet) provide protection to both laboratory personnel and the environment from toxic fumes and are quickly becoming a viable alternative to conventional fume hoods. Unlike conventional fume hoods, these hoods filter out chemical fumes and recycle air directly back to the laboratory, providing energy savings, personnel and environmental protection, convenience as you do not have to deal with complicated ducting systems, and mobility, since ductless hoods are independent systems which do not require connection to extraction systems.The Ductless Fume Cabinet can also be supplied with a modular stand and castors. This makes the hood portable and convient to move around within the laboratory.

Ductless fume hoods work with an activated carbon filter. Fumes are extracted from the working area and passed through the filter. Various filters are available depending on your applicaiton or chemicals used. Contact us for more info. View our Ducted Fume Hoods