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Laboratory Safety Storage Cabinets
Apex Scientifc offers a wide range of safety storage cabinets. These storage cabinets provide the laboratory with safe storage of acids, corrosives, flammables, regeants and general glassware. Our flammable storage range meet the new SANS 54470-1:2017 requirements. Our acid and corrosive range enhanced safety at a great price. These safety cabients can be fitted with a ductless extraction system or connected to your in-house laboratory ventilation system

Flammable Safety Storage Cabinets 

Conform to SANS 54470-1:2017 and EN14470-1. Available in a range of sizes.

Acid / Corrosive Safety Storage Cabinets

Safety cabinets for long-term storage of corrosive substances. Durable structure with corrosion-resistant interior non-steel materials. Efficient ventilation system prevents noxious gas or chemical gas accumulation.

Filtering Storage Cabinets

Feel free to install the cabinet anywhere without any concern of your existing exhaust system. Conveniently place and remove the reagents with the full extension sliding drawers. Air purification inside the cabinet prevents heating and cooling loss caused by ducted air exhaust systems.

General Laboratory Storage Cabinets

Impressive range of cabinet models to choose from for creating the most ideal
lab environments

Gas Storage Cabinets

Constructed progressively strong, and for storage of gas cylinders inside of