Laboratory Vacuum Pumps

Laboratory vacuum pumps are an important tool that facilitates suction, filtration, vacuum distillation, rotational evaporation, vacuum concentration, centrifugal concentration, solid phase extraction and many more applications. Our range of chemical resistant diaphragm laboratory vacuum pumps which can be used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other industries. Oil-sealed Rotary Vane vacuum pumps are widely used traditional vacuum pumps in research and production, can be used independently, as well as working as backing pumps for molecular pumps or diffusion pumps. Direct driven rotary vane pumps are available as one and two-stage versions, cover the range from desktop lab pumps to production line pumps, with low noise and stable working temperature for common voltages and frequencies, long lifespan, and outstanding reliability for chemical applications.

Our solvent recovery pumps are fully automated vacuum generation systems comprising chemical resistant diaphragm vacuum pump, base plate, high performance condenser, segregation bettle, vacuum control device, valves and control unit.

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