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Capp electronic micropipettes are certainly among the world’s most user-friendly automated pipettes. Whether you go for CappMaestro with a full colored OLED display, or the more basic model of CappTronic, Capp digital pipette will optimize your serial work in an ergonomic and user-friendly way. Each Capp automated pipette comes with a long-lasting Lithium battery, securing many hours of uninterrupted work. Capp electronic pipettes cover volumes from 0.2µl to 5mL and have all incredibly intuitive user interface. Automated pipetting, multi dispensing, dilution or mixing are all standard functions of Capp automated micropipettes. CappMaestro electronic micropipettes have additionally individual calibration function, where each user can login onto the pipette and recall their specific calibration settings. Each Capp digital pipette is compatible with the major brands of tips. Streamline and optimize your daily work with Capp Electronic Micropipettes!

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