Overhead Stirrer

An overhead stirrer is a type of instrument used in an industrial or academic laboratory for mixing and homogenization. Overhead stirrers are also used in the paint and resin factories, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, paper and waste water industry, for tissue grinding, to create low and high dose medications, inks, coatings, glues and adhesives, plastics, polymers, urethane, microbiology media preparation, food and beverage production and many more.

How to Choose?

An overhead stirrer is made up of motor, stand, stirring shaft (Impeller, Paddle, Blade). When choosing an overhead stirrer is important to consider the amount of type of sample, torque, viscosity, type of shaft/blade, stirring capacity and speed.

One should especially be more cautious when selecting an overhead stirrer for high viscosity samples. Some samples also change viscosity during processing. Mixing these materials could strain the drive motor of your laboratory mixer. This is dangerous and can cause the motor to overheat and to wear more quickly, reducing the lifespan of your machine. Some overhead stirrers have a feature that reduces the power if a certain torque is reached.

It is important to ensure that the overhead stirrer is maintain and used correctly at all times. Lack of this could lead to poor results and a shorter lifetime for your machine. Always ensure you use the right machine for your application, ensure the mixer is properly mounted, make sure the impeller is locked in place and clean the unit regularly.

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