What is cell counting?


 Why is cell counting important?

How is a Hemocytometer used to count cells?


What can automatic cell counters be used for?

Counting Total cells, Viable cells, non-viable cells, stem cells, CAR-T cells, CAR- NK Cell, ASC, PMBS
Flourescent protein expression


What is a viable cell count? / What is cell viability?

A viable cell count is one that includes only viable cells. A viable cell is one that is alive at the time of the count.


How do you calculate cell viability?

Reactive dyes are used to distinguish dead cells from live cells. Examples are trypan blue or propidium iodine, which stain dead cells but not live cells. For these two dyes: viability = (total cells – dye positive cells)/total cells = dye negative cells/total cells.


What are stem cells?


What are CAR-T Cells?



What are CAR NK cells?



What is ASC?



What is PBMCs?


What is Apoptosis?

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Who can we sell to?

  • Cell Therapy Research Institutes
  • Stem cell centres
  • HIV/AIDS Cancer research
  • Anyone using a haemocytometer
  • Molecular biology labs
  • Medical School
  • Clinical Platforms

In terms of maintenance, please confirm how the inside of the chamber slot is cleaned as samples sometimes leak out of the counting slide?

  • Please note that our slides are disposable slides. Therefore, the washing process would not be required.
  • If you insert 10 ul of the sample, the sample would not leak out of the slide. When it happens, we recommed using the different slide.


How often would the unit need software updates? Is this provided free of charge?

  • The software is not updated regularly. It will be updated when receiving the modification from a lot of customers.
  • We are going to inform you when the software need to be updated.


Please confirm all cell types that can be counted with the EVE

  • The recommended cells for EVE and ADAM-MC units are mammalian cells in the size of 5 to 60 um.
  • For your refrence, please refer to the image below.
  • You can find the same information on the brochure of the EVE Plus unit.


Is the counter only set to count using trypan? Can other dyes be used if required?

  • EVE and EVE Plus can be used only with the trypan blue staining.


My customer also wants to know whether that can lock the manual focus.

  • Knob can be locked with the EVE unit, but it is not available with the EVE Plus unit.


Main Difference between ADAM and EVE

  • As you may know, with other cell counters, the instrument only captures one part of the slide.
  • For example, though you put 20ul in the slide, the instrument can only read about 1ul out of it.
  • However, ADAM has a moving stage, and it can take multiple images while using the stage.
  • It means that ADAM takes pictures from different aspects of the slide, and it makes a higher measuring volume.
  • This moving stage and multiple capturing images are one of the reasons that make ADAM-MC2 to have better accuracy.
  • You can think of it as multiple people are counting the cells at the same time while one person is doing the same process.
  • Trypan blue staining method could be a basic and easy way to use.
  • However, while trypan blue stains the membranes, there is a chance to stain the debris as well.
  • Kindly note that propidium iodide only stains the nuclei of the cells.
  • Therefore, you can have more reliable results by using the ADAM-MC2 instrument.
  • Please refer to the below image.



EVE Plus







Information Required to Quote on A Cell Counter

A. Type of the product

  1. Disposable slide for mannual count
    (   ) C-chip: Disposable plastic Hemocytometer
  1. Automated cell counter
    (   ) EVE: Standard cell counter
    (   ) EVE Plus: World fastest standard cell counter
    (   ) ADAM-MC2: Most accurate cell counter


B. For your manual count,

  1. What chamber are you looking for?(Neubauer Improved / Fuchs Rosenthal / Burker / Burker Turk / Malassez)


C. For Cell counter,

  1. What type of cells would you like to count?
    (   ) HeLa
    (   ) NIH-3T3
    (   ) U-2 OS
    (   ) Jurkat
    (   ) KG-1
    (   ) HepG2
    (   ) Hep3B
    (   ) SH-SY5Y
    (   ) SCN2.2
    (   ) F9
    (   ) MCF7
    (   ) A549
    (   ) GH3
    (   ) Other ___________
  1. What are the size of your cells? (   ) – (   ) um
  2. Please number 1 to 5 below factors regarding how important it is.

(1 = Most Important / 5 = Less Important)
(   ) High Accuracy
(   ) Easy to use
(   ) Quick counting
(   ) Price
(   ) 21 CFR part 11 (cGMP facility)


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