PCR Cabinet

PCR Workstation: Dead Air vs. Laminar Flow
A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) workstation, a workspace enclosed on three sides, provides the space for doing amplification of DNA and RNA. These workstations, used in biology and genetic laboratories, prevent cross contamination between samples and UV lights for sterilization.

There are two types of PCR workstations or PCR hoods that aid the researcher by preventing background and cross-contamination – laminar flow and dead air.

Laminar Flow: circulates and filters air smoothly and constantly in parallel layers
Dead Air: circulation-free air

PCR workstation enclosures provide the contamination-free environment required for the most sensitive DNA/RNA segment detection. Used routinely in laboratory testing, the safety glass sash gives maximum optical abilities to handlers when amplifying cellular components. Air quality is sustained (as free air or with circulators and filters) to guarantee particulates that could impact conclusions are not present. The PCR workstation enclosures emit intense UV light in timed increments between uses for easy sterilization.

PCR Workstation Features and Benefits

  • Provides sterile work zone for aseptic techniques
  • High efficiency ebm-papst EC blower
  • Energy saving LED lighting
  • Vertical laminar airflow with HEPA filtration
  • Equipped with germicidal UV lamp for decontamination
  • 360 degree visibility with UV absorbing polycarbonate construction
  • Designed for desktop use or installation on an optional base stand or mobile cart

PCR Laminar Flow Cabinet:
Combines a clean air environment using HEPA filtration with timed UV light sterilization for optimal protection from sample contamination. Raising the bi-fold sash turns off the UV light and enables the blower.

Dead Air Box (UV Sterilization Cabinet)
Circulation-free environment with UV light sterilization. This unit has a UV light with a timer that permits sterilization between amplifications. A safety interlock switch prevents exposure to UV light when the sash is raised.

Information required to to quote on a PCR Cabinet

  1. What size do you require?
  2. Will you place the PCR cabinet on your existing workbench or do you require a stand?

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