What is PCR?

What is qPCR?


How to PCR

Intro to PCR Playlist

TaqTalk Playlist

Information Required to Quote on qPCR

  • How many samples at a time? 16 or 96?
  •  What method? Taq Probe method or Sybr green
  • If Taq then what dye are they using? FAM, HEX, JOE, VIC, ROX, or Cy5?

What is Absolute Quantification & Relative Quantification

What is the difference between Absolute Quantification and Relative Quantification in qPCR, using the standard curve approach?

Genotyping SNP

Isothermal amplification

What is multiplex PCR

What is Copy Number Variation

What is RNA Interference

What is Epigenetics

Microsatellite analysis

What is HLA Typing

Quantitative PCR Training - 20/10/2023