What is a Laboratory Freezer?

Laboratory Freezers are refrigerated cabinets useful for storing biological specimens and volatile reagents at temperatures ranging between -40 ºC and 10 ºC. Portable types are used to transport perishable products; explosion-proof types are meant for flammable vapors, which may explode when stored in room temperature; ultra-Low temperature freezers are used for preserving products below -40 ºC for a long time; combination Laboratory Freezer products have two or more cabinets serving the purpose of refrigerator and freezer. The products vary depending upon their application: Freezers at -30° C are used for storing plasma and those operating at -20° C are used for storing enzymes. Laboratory Freezers are used in pharmaceutical units, research laboratories, hospitals, blood banks, production facilities, material testing, and diagnosing units.

Types of Laboratory Freezers

  • Upright Units
  • Chest Units
  • -25℃ Range Cabinets
  • -40℃ Range Cabinets
  • Spark Proof / Atex Units

Information Required to quote on a Freezer

  1. What size do you require?
  2. Do you need an upright or chest model?
  3. What temperature -25℃ or -40℃?
  4. Do you require datalogging?
Brochure: Antech Brochure: Arctiko