Aftersales Quote

This document describes how to price aftersales quotes. Please follow standard quote editing as per the training video on How to do a Quote Workflow Process

Spares Pricing

  • The Senior technician will recommend spare required for the repairs. 
  • The Aftersales Support Admin is required to email the Account Admin for freight prices on spares. 
  • Selling price for spares = [(Cost of spares x Forex) + Freight Cost] x1,57.
    eg. If Spares Cost $250, exchange rate = R15, Freight is 1500. Selling price is
    250×15 = R3750
    R3750 + R1500 = R5250
    R5250 x 1.57 = R8242.50


  • The Senior technician will advise if any consumables are required for the quote. Add 57% Markup to the consumables or has indicated by the Senior Technician. 


  • Our standard Callout fee and hourly rate is R750. 
  • Our Call out fee is applicable for all quotes and includes an hour of labour
  • Any additional labour will be charge at the hourly rate
  • The Senior technician will advise on the hours required to carry out a job


  • We do not charge travel for under 50km radius from a branch. 
  • For customers that are further than 50km travel will be charged at 7.50/km. This is only applicable for day trips in which the distance can be covered with the technician’s vehicle.
  • For overnight trips and areas that require air travel please consult management for pricing


  • Installations is included in our selling price for KZN, CPT and GP. 
  • For all other areas installation can be priced as follows

    Apex Technician will be doing Installation
    -If the tech will be driving to the location then use the standard Travel pricing
    -If the tech will have to fly then use flight price plus 15%
    -If the tech will be hiring a vehicle ten use estimated vehicle costs plus 10%
    -Add time for the actual installation (hourly rate)
    -Add accommodation price plus 10% if required (Discuss with manager)
    -Add food allowance (discuss with manager)

Approved contracted technician will be doing Installation
-An approved contracted technician can be used to do an installation. The Senior technician will have to approve the technician
-Request quote from approved technician. We have negotiated hourly rates from approved contracted technicians @ R450/hour. The Aftersales Support Admin is required to use our standard hourly rate @ R750/hour to price the installation. 

Servicing Quotes

Servicing depends on how many hours labour it will take the technician.

For example, if servicing of a centrifuge takes one hour then servicing price will be:
R 750 – (includes call out and one hour labour)

If servicing will take 2 hours then price will be:
R 1500 – ( call out and one hour labour, and one additional hour of labour)

If servicing will be less than an hour then the standard R750 can be charged as it will still be a call out.


Casual Labour:

If the technician or sales reps require additional labour to assist with delivery or installation of goods, then they can arrange casual labour for R100-R150 a day.