Warranty Claim

  1. We can verify if equipment is still under warrany by emailing the customer details, brand, model and serial number of the equipment in question to the Accounts Admin. The Accounts Admin will advise on the date the equipment was invoiced.
  2. The Aftersales Support Admin will now use the Warranty Period Spreadsheet to detemine the factory warranty period of the equipment in question

  3. The For equipment with a factory warranty that is longer than 2 years the Aftersales Support Admin is required to consult with the Technical Team leader to determine the extent of the warranty cover. For warranty under 2 years our standard warranty terms apply. This can be found in our Quote terms and conditions
  4. If the unit is still under warranty, we will not charge for spares or labour. However we have to claim the cost of spares or order the spares from the manuffacture under warranty.

  5. We will charge travel and accomodation as required for Warranty Jobs if the location falls outside the radius of 50km from and Apex Scientific branch.
  6. If the unit is not under warranty, then we will need to send the customer a quote for assessment, travel, labour etc.
  7. An OC must be created for every order. Even if it is for warranty spares at no charge. Even if it is for consumables at no charge or if the supplier is shipping the goods to us at no charge. Anything we receive from a supplier should have an OC that we can tie up to. Preston will need to approve every OC before we send to customer.