Credit Application

1. Customer’s that requests a 30 day account are required to fill out a Credit Application Form. This is found in the Accounts Folder 

2. The customer is required to fill and submit with the following documents.

  • Company registration documents
  • Directors ID copies
  • Bank confirmation letter
  • Vat registration certificate

3. In addition to this, for an account to be approved, 3 prepayments are required. 

4. Once the forms and documents are received the Accounts Admin is required to check if all information is complete and correct.

5. The Accounts Admin is now required to contact the trade references that are listed of the Credit Application form. This should be completed according to the Trade Reference Questionnaire Form

6. The completed credit application, supporting documents (point 2), proof of prepayments and the completed Trade Reference Questionnaire Form should be emailed to Laren for approval.

7. Once the account has been approved the requested credit application is added on Sage including the credit limit.