Delivery and Installation Instruction

1. Once the QC form is received and if the equipment has passed QC then the Aftersales Support Admin can proceed to arrange Delivery and Installation for the order. This is done with using the Delivery and Installation Instruction form 

2. The Aftersales Support Admin is required to first check the Order Instruction. Any special installation instructions need to be considered when planning the delivery and installation. If the OC has any additional items such as calibration, servicing etc. this needs to be arranged before the items can be dispatched.

2. The following lead times can be used to propose dates for delivery and installation.

  • DBN – 2 Working days
  • GP – 2 working days
  • CPT – 4 working days 
  • Outlying Areas – 5 working days

3. Installations performed by Apex Employee:

– The Aftersales Support Admin will now check the calendar of Apex Employee (Sales Rep or Technician that will be performing the installation). The closest available day (considering lead times above) should now be booked. It is important to note installations require travel time. This should be considered when booking the appointment.

4. Installations performed by Contracted Technician:

– The Aftersales Support Admin will call the contracted technician and tentatively arrange the closest suitable date.

– This date is to be added to our Zoho calendar

– Generic calendars will be created for contracted technicians that we regularly work with. This will enable us to keep track of our aftersales schedule. This calendar needs to be visible to all staff.    

5. The Aftersales Support Admin can now proceed to call the customer and suggest the date has discussed above for delivery and installation 

6. If the customer does not agree to the date then the Aftersales Support Admin can reschedule while looking at the Apex Employee’s calender. If we are using contracted technician then the Aftersales Support Admin can discuss new date with the technician. Calendar to be updated accordingly. If the customer will not be onsite and states that someone else will be onsite, then the alternate persons details (Name, contact number) must be noted on the DIIS form.

7. Once a date is agreed upon then the Aftersales Support Admin can proceed to fill out the Delivery and Installation Instruction form

8. The aftersales support admin is required to confirm with the customer if the delivery address on the OC is correct.

9. The Aftersales Support Admin is required to save the form in the corresponding OC folder and add a data tag as per the data template video.

8. Once this is complete the Aftersales Support Admin will then send the Delivery and Installation Instruction Form and the QC Form to the Accounts Admin for Invoicing. This can be done as per email template Goods ready for Invoicing – OC****In cases in which the QC will be performed on site the Aftersales Support Admin is required to edit the template and advise the Accounts Admin accordingly

Important Points to Consider

  • We should aim to schedule installations on the same day of delivery
  • It is imperative that an Apex representative is on site during the delivery of large equipment
  • Refrigerators and Freezers require an extra day for installation. The first day (on delivery) will be for removal of packaging, moving into positions and assembly. Only after 24 hours should we schedule the next part of the installation which is power on of the equipment and training. The Refrigerator / Freezer takes a few hours for the equipment to reach temperature . Under no circumstances should the Refrigerator / Freezer be switched on the same day as delivery or moved into position. The customer needs to confirm that the equipment has reached temperature.
  • If Installation is not possible with delivery then we still need an Apex representative to check goods with customer to make sure everything is received in good condition. The Aftersales Support Admin is required to log this query in the Support Log. Installation can then be arrange at a later time that is convenient to the customer. Once delivery is complete the Aftersales Support Admin is required to email the Accounts Administrator to proceed with submitting the invoice for payment. The email should also state that we were not able to complete installation and the reason for this. If the installation is not completed for reasons beyond our control the customer is still required to arrange payment.