Insurance Claim

  1. In the event that goods are damaged during transit to Apex HQ this must be noted on the waybill by Aftersales Support Admin or Anyone Receiving Goods
  2. If goods are damaged at the warehouse or when being delivered to the customer this must be noted on the waybill and immediately brought to the attention of Technical Support and Accounts Admin.
  3. Full details of the damage including photos, when it occurred, how it occurred, and extent of damage should be emailed to Accounts Admin by the Aftersales Support Admin.
  4. The Accounts Admin will then bring this to Laren attention. Laren will advise if we proceed to claim from insurance.
  5. If we are to claim from insurance then the Accounts Admin will notify the Freight and Insurance Company immediately. 
  6. The Accounts Admin is also required to notify the responsible sales rep. The Sale Reps is responsible to notify customer about the insurance claim and replacement. 
  7. The Insurance Company will advise on validity of a claim and send through the claim forms for completion. 
  8. Accounts Admin is required complete the form and return to the Insurance Company.
    NB: All damaged units should be returned to Apex Scientific and Not given to Salvage
  9. Accounts Admin is required to follow up on claim regularly.
  10. If claims are rejected it is brought to Management’s attention and they will advise on a way forward.
  11. If claims are accepted and paid, Management is notified and a replacement unit maybe ordered.