Order Confirmation

  1. For account customers an Order Confirmation can be created once the Order Instruction form, Customer Order, And Quote is received 
  2. For Non-account customers and Order confirmation can only be created once a Payment confirmation from Laren, Order Instruction form, Customer Order, and Quote is received. 
  3. The Order confirmation is created on SAGE
  4. Once the Order Confirmation is generated the Accounts Admin is required to create a folder with the unique order confirmation number followed by the customer’s Company Name. This folder needs to be created within the Open Orders Team Folder.
  5. An OC must be created for every order. Even if it is for warranty spares at no charge. Even if it is for consumables at no charge or if the supplier is shipping the goods to us at no charge. Anything we receive from a supplier should have an OC that we can tie up to. Preston will need to approve every OC before we send to customer.
  6. This OC number must be then updated on  the order register.