Order Instruction

  1. Once an order is received, the responsible Sales Representative is required to fill out an Order Instruction Form
  2. The order instruction form should have all the customers information. This will be used for order progress updates and delivery and installation arrangements.
  3. The Order Instruction Should also include the correct delivery details. Please note that may not always be according to the customers official order. It is the Sales Rep responsibility to ensure that the correct delivery details are supplied 
  4. The site inspection should be filled out on the Order Instruction form. This should be done prior to quoting in cases where the equipment is large and a require complex installation. The Aftersales Support Admin will consider this when arranging Delivery and Installation
  5. Any special delivery or installation instructions should be included in the spaces provided. 
  6. Any consumables, voltage stabilizer, surge protection plugs or other additional items required should be included in the main quote (even if we are not charging the customer or  the price is part of the main item). If this is not included in the quote this needs to be included in the special delivery or installation instructions section.
  7. Service and Maintenance Plans should be included as a line item on the quote. This is captured in the Order Confirmation and so that calendar reminders can be created as per Service & Maintenance Reminder Workflow Process
  8. This form needs to be submitted with the Customer Order and Apex Quote attached.