Order Register

  1. Once the Accounts Administrator receieved an order for processing this shoudlbe added to the order register
  2. Once an official Order Confirmation is generated the Accounts Admin is required to update the entry in the Order Register spreadsheet. This needs to be filled out in red font.
  3. The column should be populated with information received from the Order Confirmation.
  4. Any prepaid amounts received should also be populated accordingly
  5. Once goods are ordered from a supplier the Accounts admin is required update the Suppliers PO# for every corresponding Order Confirmation in “PO ref #” column
  6. The Suppliers ETD column refers to the estimated time of departure of goods from the supplier. This column should be updated once confirmed by the supplier. This is required to be filled out in red font 
  7. Once a shipment has been booked the accounts admin is required to populate the “Shipping Type” and “ETA” Column. ETA refers to estimated time of arrival of goods in South Africa. This is required to be filled out in red font
  8. The Accounts Admin is required to update the Order Register. Follow ups with suppliers and forwarding companies should be done on a Monday. If there are any changes this need to be filled out in red font. 
  9. Any information in red font represents new information. This information should be communicated to the customer as per Email Templates and Delivery lead time estimator. This is outlined in the Order Progress Update Workflow process. This needs to be done latest by Thursday by the Aftersales Support Admin.
  10. Once the Aftersales Support Admin has communicated the new information to customer the font should be changed to black. This is an indication that information was communicated accordingly. This should be completed no later than by Thursday every week.