Ordering Goods From Suppliers

1. Check if goods are in stock, if they are not in stock then we create a Supplier Purchase Order to the supplier. This is done via Sage. 

2. The Supplier Purchase Order and supporting documents should emailed to Laren for approval.

  • Supplier PO
  • Customer PO / Proforma invoice
  • Customer Quote
  • POP if prepaid
  • Approved OC

3. Once this is approved by Laren the Accounts Admin is responsible to save the Supplier Purchase Order in the OC folder.

4. If the PO has items from more than one customer, please ensure that we save the Supplier Purchase Order in each OC folder.

5. The Supplier Purchase Order is then emailed to the supplier for processing. On this email we also request an ETD as per “Supplier Purchase Order Email Template

6. Once an ETD is received the Order Register is updated accordingly and Aftersales Support Admin provides feedback to the customer as per email templates and Order register Workflow Process

7. A week before the ETD the Accounts Admin will follow up again with supplier to ensure all is in order. If there are any changes the Order Register is updated and Aftersales Support Admin provides feedback to the customer. 

8. When supplier confirms that goods will be ready as per ETD they are required to send us an invoice and packing list with shipping dimensions. This invoice is saved in the corresponding OC folder and the Payment Folder (As per payment schedule). 

9. We would then process payment (As Per Point 10 Below) and obtain shipping estimateas Per Shipping Quotes Workflow Process

10. We would then process payment. Payment is processed as follows:

  • The supplier invoice/Proforma invoice along with our approved supplier PO, should be sent to Laren.
  • These should be added to the payment schedule which also needs to be sent to Laren.
  • Once the payment is done, the proof of payment should be sent to supplier and ask them to confirm which day the goods would be ready.
  • Once goods are ready for collection, please book collection with our forwarder,as per Booking A Shipping Consignment Workflow Process