Quality Control

  1. All goods are required to go through our Quality Control check when received and before we deliver to customer. This includes new equipment received, equipment in stock and demo equipment.
  2. The Quality Control Check is to be performed with the Quality Control Form
  3. A Quality Control Form is only valid for 1 month. Therefore when dispatching goods the corresponding completed QC form cannot be older than 1 month. If the QC form is expired then QC will have to be redone 
  4. The Storeman will be responsible the ensure all goods go through QC.
  5. A Technician will be required for the QC of all Refrigerators, Environmental chambers or any other complicated equipment.
  6. Quality Control should be done at the Apex Stores. However in the event if we deliver goods directly to customer then the QC will be performed onsite by a Technician. This will be arranged by the Aftersales Support Admin 
  7. The Quality Control Check should be performed for each main item according to the OC document. Accessories for main items can be accounted for in the Accessory section. All items listed on the Order confirmation document needs to be accounted for. 
  8. If the goods fail QC then the Storeman will alert the Accounts Admin who will then follow the Insurance Claim Workflow Process 
  9. If the goods pass the QC process then the Storeman is required to save the form in the corresponding OC folder and proceed with steps as per Order to Delivery Workflow Process or Equipment Request Workflow Process.
  10. For goods received without a corresponding OC. The QC can be saved in the Stores Team Folder under QC Documents.
  11. When saving the QC document on the drive, the Storeman is required to add a “data tag” to each document as per the Data Tag video.