Receiving Goods

1. The Storeman is responsible to receive all deliveries

2. The storeman needs to check goods received according to the number of units on the waybill from the freight company and the model/serial numbers and number of units from the packing list received by email from Accounts Admin 

3. If the goods are recieved prior to an email from the Accounts Admin with a packinglist then the Storeman is required to check the goods against the waybill and packinglist recieved with the delivery. After doing this the Storeman is required to inform the Accounts Admin about the delivery. The accounts Admin will then send the packling via email. The Storeman is required to check the goods again against the email copy of the packing list. 

3. Before signing the waybill the following must be checked 

  • Are there any damages to the boxes/packaging? 
  • Are there any damages to the items received? 
  • Is there mishandling by freight company?
  • Are the correct items delivered?
  • Are the correct number of items delivered?
  • Is the goods delivered to the correct company / person 
  • Any other issues with the delivery?

3. If there are any damages or discrepancies then the Storeman needs to inform the Accounts Admin immediately and not sign until further instructed.

4. If there are no damages then the delivery note can be signed and the items stored in our storeroom.

5. The delivery note needs scanned and sent to the Accounts Admin. The original should be filed.

6. The Accounts Admin will save this on the drive.

7. The Storeman is required to notify the recipient for goods received that does not have a corresponding OC, Equipment request form or Notification of Clearance email.

5. The Storeman will arrange Quality Control for goods received. 



Update 03-12-2021