Shipping Quotes

  1. When an order is ready for collection from the supplier, we request the shipping dimensions, weight, HS Code (if not already on the supplier invoice).
  2. The shipping dimensions, weight, HS Code and value of goods (as per supplier invoice) are sent to freight companies requesting estimates. (Sea freight: Schenker, Air Freight: FedEx)
  3. For a shipment from a new supplier, new product, large consignment or if the estimated received is too high please get a minimum of 3 quotes from other suppliers. 
  4. Sea or Airfreight is used depending on the weight of a shipment. Usually, 80kgs and above is sea freighted and below 80kgs is Airfreighted with a few exceptions. These exceptions include dangerous goods i.e. fridges and freezers as they have gasses, items with batteries, harmful chemicals.
  5. A costing for the shipment must be done based on the cheapest estimate. This is done as per costing template.
  6. This costing along with these estimates must be sent to Laren for approval.
  7. Once approved, we may proceed with arranging the shipment, ensure that an ETS(earliest time of sail) is given prior to confirming collection with forwarder as per Booking a Shipping Consignment Workflow Process