How to do Quotes

1. Open up the appropriate quote template, which will be a word document.

2. The first thing to change is the reference number: 

Ref: Q29042021OP-SN-01

This is the “Q”, the date (day month year), followed by the reps initials (ie. Owen Pillay will be OP. or Jared Muller will be JM) dash, your initials (the person doing the quote), and the last two numbers represent the number of quotes done in that day for that particular rep. 

3. Change the date on the right side of the page.

Date: April 29, 2021


The expiration date should be 30 days unless stated otherwise. 

4. Fill out the customers details. The format should be:

Customers Name / Contact persons name

Company name

Contact number

Email address

The font that should be used is Arial 10 and the colour should be the same grey shade as the address above. 

5. Rate of exchange should be updated to the current exchange rate as per the FNB website. This should be changed daily. 

6. Delivery should be stated as per the “delivery lead times” sheet on the drive. Unless the rep advises otherwise. If you are unsure what delivery lead time to put, you can check with the accounts administrator.

7. Payment terms should be 30 days for customers that have accounts with Apex. However for new customers it should be “prepayment”.

item #descriptionQTYunit price Excl.VATline total EXCL.VAT

8. To do the quote the above information needs to be filled out. 

  • Number each item 
  • Catalogue number
  • Description will be as per the table the rep sends you or as per the pricelist.
  • Quantity should be advised by the rep.
  • The unit price is for one item
  • The Line total will be the QTY multiplied by the unit price.

9. After all the items have been added to the table, ensure that the font is Arial 10 and in the correct colour. 

10. For the total table:

Sub Total
Total Amount (including Vat)

The Subtotal will be all the line totals added. 

Vat will be 15% multiplied by the sub total.

Total amount will be the subtotal plus the vat. 

11. Make sure the terms and conditions start on a new page. 

12. When you have completed the quote and everything is neat and in order, then to save the quote, go to “file” on the top left of the page. Go to “save as” and “browse” and save it in the appropriate folder on the drive. Save it as a word document first. Once that saves, then go to “file” again and “save as” and “browse” and this time change the file format to “pdf” instead of word doc. So that it saves as a PDF. It should automatically open up the PDF version once you save.