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Vacuum Aspiration Systems

Vacuum aspiration systems also known as Fluid Aspiration Systems, Liquid Aspiration Systems, Bio Suction Kits and Portable Suction units are used for the aspiration and disposal of tissue and cell culture media, biological immunology reagents, liquid chemical and biological waste and supernatants in laboratories. Commonly used in cell culture. A fluid aspiration system can be used to remove liquids without disturbing cultured cells. A typical set-up consists of a low-pressure vacuum pump, hydrophobic filter, a collection bottle, and a tube with an optional adapter or manifold to suit the laboratory sample vessel. Vacuum aspiration systems are available in handheld and portable sizes for easy access and use. The vacuum aspiration systems create a stable vacuum for reliable results. Apex Scientific are distributors of Wiggens vacuum aspiration systems and liquid pumps in South Africa. Check out our You Tube channel for more product videos.

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