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Rotary Evaporators

Rotary Evaporators or rotavap (rotovap) are laboratory instruments used to remove organic chemicals or solvents from a compound mixture. These solvents are removes by boiling point. The rotary evaporator is an assembly of equipment designed to aid the evaporation process thus separating solvents of a mixture on the basis of boiling points. The mixture which is contained in a flask is heated in a bath. The solvent with the lowest boiling point will move from liquid to vapour phase. The vapour is cooled and collect in a separate flask. Vacuum pumps can be used to lower the boiling point of the solvent. Cooled baths can be used to improve recovery by providing a greater temperature gradient for the solvent vapour to condense.

The rotary evaporator STRIKE 300 combines excellent operating characteristics and high performance levels, all in an ergonomic design. STRIKE 300 has been projected in complete respect of safety needs and in compliance with the existing directive regarding equipment construction and electromagnetic compatibility.

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