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Why is measuring CO2 important?

Most of us know that CO₂ is a colorless, odorless gas that’s soluble in water and often seen as the bubbles in fizzy drinks. But it’s also a greenhouse gas, a by-product that’s released when we burn materials containing carbon, as well as a gas formed in the respiratory and metabolic processes of living organisms, […]

Relative humidity – How is it defined and calculated?

Relative humidity – How is it defined and calculated? The first step on the journey to mastering humidity parameters is to understand partial pressures. We’ll begin our journey by the sea, with a one-meter square drawn in the sand. Now, imagine that there is an air column going up through the atmosphere and into space, with […]

A study of mapping studies: Open-door versus defrost cycles

A study of mapping studies: Open-door versus defrost cycles We receive many questions from customers on mapping studies and monitoring applications. Often the questions generate interesting exchanges that dig deep into the application details, methods used, and rationales. In this blog we share one such exchange between Paul Daniel, Vaisala’s Senior GxP Regulatory expert, and a customer […]

What role do alerts play in a modern measurement system?

What role do alerts play in a modern measurement system? Nowadays we are bombarded by notifications, especially on our smartphones, where we might receive several every hour. Alerts are notifications about exceptional situations in your system; they make sure you are forewarned if conditions take a turn for the worse, helping to prevent disaster or […]

Indoor farming technology: Consistent growth through reliable measurement

Indoor and vertical farming technology operations require significant investments to scale and maintain operations profitably. Key factors for success are energy use for climate control, and labor to support operations. Accurate and dependable environmental sensors such as those for humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide, can help reduce costs in both categories, while lower quality instruments […]

Multi-site Monitoring: Balancing Standardization and Localization for Efficiency and Simplicity

Life science companies have a GxP requirement to prove that temperature and humidity-sensitive products have been protected from extreme environments to maintain product quality. Usually this is accomplished with an automated monitoring system, such as the Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System When a company has multiple sites, there are economies of scale that make it financially […]

Measuring Temperature and Humidity in Data Centers

The modern world relies heavily on the internet and online services. Increasing demand for data processing and storage capacity has led to major companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook investing in new facilities that provide web-based services to an ever-higher number of users. Data centers are energy-intensive facilities, currently consuming more than 1.3% of […]

How to Perform Temperature Mapping Studies with a Monitoring System

Although viewLinc is a continuous monitoring system designed for GxP-regulated industries, it can also be used for temperature mapping studies in those same environments. However, you need to know a few procedural steps to perform mapping studies with viewLinc. One of the main advantages of viewLinc as a continuous monitoring system is that it records […]

Carbon Dioxide Measurements

Carbon dioxide measurement is required in many applications from building automation and greenhouses to life science and safety.  Many technologies are used to measure CO2. Infrared (IR) sensing is the most widely applied one. Benefits of IR sensors over chemical sensors:  stable and highly selective to the measured gas a long lifetime and they withstand high humidity, dust, […]

How to Qualify a Vaccine Thermal Shipping Container

Over the last 20 years, there has been a new regulatory focus on Good Distribution Practices, which prescribe how regulated products should be shipped. Luckily, the emergence of GDP created a strong and capable cold chain just in time to handle the high volume of temperature-controlled vaccine shipments that are required to fight COVID-19. Pfizer’s […]

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