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What is a Pipette Cone Filter?

Capp pipette cone filters are small pieces of Polyethylene (PE), designed to be inserted in the tip cone of a 1 and 5mL ecopipette and 5 or 10mL CappBravo pipette. They are available in bags of 25 or 50 pcs. Their hydrophobic structure with high density creates a perfect barrier for corrosive vapors and other contaminants. […]

Tips on how to store your Micropipettes

Micropipettes are high precision instruments suitable for liquid transfers of volumes as small as 0.1µl, pipettes are quite vulnerable to improper pipette storage.  Horizontal pipette storage on the bench may cause the piston lubricant to cumulate on one side, or even drop of the piston, resulting in a heavy piston movement. Laying your pipette down […]

Ecological Lab – Capp’s “Eco-Friendly” Pipette

Ecological lab is often associated with studying the ecosystems and ecological processes in a specially created laboratory environment. At Capp, we aimed our focus on making the laboratory equipment eco-friendly. We asked ourselves: what happens with all the old models of pipettes, being put aside or out of function? Made of plastic, metal, rubber and […]

Improve Your Pipetting Technique

Pipetting: Find proper pipetting technique and eliminate the sources of error in pipetting Establishing a proper pipetting technique and eliminating potential sources of error in pipetting can be quite a challenge in an everyday lab. When learning how to pipette, a few aspects are worth taking a closer look at. First of all, the types of […]

Guide to pipetting and handling of difficult liquids

When the liquid becomes the challenge – Guide to pipetting and handling of difficult liquids Whether they are viscous, fluorescent or light-sensitive substances, or reagents that require extra strict aseptic conditions, handling of difficult liquids can be quite challenging in your daily lab routine. Follow Capp’s guide to pipetting. Guide to pipetting. Handling of difficult liquids […]

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