Ecological Lab – Capp’s “Eco-Friendly” Pipette

Ecological lab is often associated with studying the ecosystems and ecological processes in a specially created laboratory environment. At Capp, we aimed our focus on making the laboratory equipment eco-friendly. We asked ourselves: what happens with all the old models of pipettes, being put aside or out of function? Made of plastic, metal, rubber and silicone components, how do they affect the environment after utilization? Our definition of ecological lab is a lab where recycling of used equipment stays in focus.

To support this idea of ecological lab, we have created the ecopipette single channel pipette. The ‘eco’ refers to ecology. The Ecopipette is designed to be an environmentally friendly pipette. Both the packaging and the components of the ecopipette are all fully recyclable and biodegradable.

View Capp Ecopipette here


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