Ecological Lab – Capp’s “Eco-Friendly” Pipette

Ecological lab is often associated with studying the ecosystems and ecological processes in a specially created laboratory environment. At Capp, we aimed our focus on making the laboratory equipment eco-friendly. We asked ourselves: what happens with all the old models of pipettes, being put aside or out of function? Made of plastic, metal, rubber and […]

Why RNase certified tips are so crucial for your lab work?

RNase and DNase contamination is a major concern for molecular biology laboratories. Contamination can lead to loss of time, money, and data. Ribonuclease (RNase) is an enzyme that degrades RNA. It can be found in the oils from hands, face, arms, hair, saliva, tears and bacteria from a non-sterile environment. It is exceptionally stable and […]

Blood separation : The process, techniques and recommendations

Blood separation is one of the crucial processes in a clinical lab and is usually conducted via a process called centrifugation. Blood cell separation Blood consists of two types of cells: Red Blood Cells (RBC), called also erythrocytes and White Blood Cells (WBC), called leucocytes. Erythrocytes are the blood cells that distribute oxygen from the […]

How to choose the correct Impeller for your Overhead Stirrer

When purchasing an overhead stirrer it is crucial to select the correct impeller (also known as paddles or blades). Impellers are distinguished according to The type of flow they generate in the stirred material, The speed, depending applications The various designs for different viscosities required We distinguish the following Impeller types Blade Impeller (radial flow) […]

Refractometer applications

In the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, flavor, fragrance and essential oils, petrochemical, metalworking and automotive industries, refractometers play an important role in quality assurance. They determine the refractive index of liquid or solid substances, from which their identity and quality as well as the concentration in binary or quasi-binary mixtures can be derived. The […]

Homogenizer, Rotor-stator, Dispering, Emulsifying – Glossary

Dispersing is the actual generic term for work, which is executed using rotor-stator units. It is also referred to as “wet grinding”. The main task of rotor-stator dispersers is crushing, mixing or foaming of different components to evenly distribute them. The resulting dispersions, emulsions, suspensions and foams are used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, life […]

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